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Setting Binoculars

To get the best image possible from your binoculars they need to be correctly adjusted the the user.

Eyepiece position

You may here this referred to as the "interpupillary distance". It needs to be correct to ensure user comfort and a 'correct' image. All our binoculars have hinges to allow adjustment of this distance. Whilst looking through the binoculars gently move the barrels togother or apart until you can see one clear circular image (NOT like the figure 8 view often shown in films!).

Dioptre Correction

With the exception of fixed focus (focus free) models binoculars have a correction allowing adjustment to compensate for differences in the strengths of a users eyes.  To achieve the best image possible from your binoculars this needs to be set correctly.

The adjustment on the majority of binoculars is on the right eyepiece, the following instructions are based on this being the case.

Set the dioptre to the 'neutral' postion - Line the mark on the eyepiece (often 'O') with the mark on the binocular body (usually a dot on or ridge in the body).
Close your right eye. Focus on a distant object using the standard focus (central wheel).
If you have difficulty closing one eye you can use the lens cap to cover the barrel instead and keep both eyes open.
Close the left eye (or cover left barrel) . Using the same object as before twist the eyepiece left or right until the image is sharp.
The binoculars should now be 'balanced' give the user the best possible image.

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