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Recommendations By Use - Aviation, Aircraft Spotting

Aircraft spotting requires high magnification to see maximum detail at long distance.

A 12x50 is the ideal hand held aviation binocular; above this level of magnification it is difficult to maintain a steady image. However, good quality 16x50 and 20x50 are popular choices.

If using a tripod 20x50 or 20x60 are highly recommended.

To increase the brightness of the image  consider 15x70, 20x80 or similar with large objective lenses to gather more light.

A good alternative for hand held use is a zoom binocular such as an 8-20x50. The incorporation of a zoom mechanism is useful to track moving objects at lower magnification then increase to high power in for greater detail.

Consider Anti-UV lens coatings where bright and hazy conditions are prevalent.

Please visit the Technical Guide for more detail regarding features of optical instruments.

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